How to Book a Test Drive


Step 1 : Remove all the dust

Determine the required features
Firstly, find out the features and other requirements you want in your car. Whether you’d like to own a brand new car or buy a used one, need a sedan or a hatchback or an SUV—how much should it be worth according to your budget? Is it fulfilling your purpose of buying a car?
Ask such questions to yourself and follow the answer and take action accordingly.

Step 2 : Make your mind and list out your choice

Shortlist those which are fulfilling your requirements
After research and exploration—finalize the models that are most suitable as per your essentials. Make sure you carry out your research via reliable and authentic sources only. For new ones, you can prefer their official websites and for used cars—you can rely on classified websites such as They offer a massive inventory of millions of cars of every make, type, and model at the best prices.

Step 3 : Ways to Book a Test Drive

Arrange an appointment to test drives selected cars
You can opt for online as well as offline methods for this.
To reserve an appointment online for a brand new car—go through its official website and book a test drive. But if you are interested in buying a used one, then going through the authentic classified sites and make a booking is the best option.
To reserve an offline appointment—visit or call authentic dealers or showroom and fix your test drive as per your convenience.