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How to Change Car’s Engine Oil by Yourself

How to Change Car’s Engine Oil by Yourself

Step 1 : The Initials

Compose the car in the required state
Park car on a flat surface and let the temperature cools down. Uplift the vehicle by a jack or by a steep ramp.
Put a drain pan beneath drain plug and let the old oil comes out
The drain plug is approximately 1-2 feet far from the car front. Set down a drain pan of enough capacity beneath the drain plug. Put off the drain plug slowly with the help of an adjustable wrench and let the oil comes out completely. Don’t forget to put the plug back in place.

Step 2 : The Middle

Displace the old filter
Locate the cylindrical filter having a dimension of 4-6” long and 2-3” wide. Remove it slowly and let the pan collect the dirty oil for some time.
Fill the new filter with new oil
Load up the filter with the required amount of new oil recommended by the manufacturer. Brush up a little amount of oil on the O-ring of the filter and fix it on its place.

Step 3 : Wrap Up

Fill the new oil in the car
Pour down the new oil in the car through a fill hole situated under the bonnet on the top of the engine. Check your car’s manual for the amount and type of oil to be added. Replace the cap of fill tank and wipe the oil spillages. Never use the used oil available near you.
Final check
Examine that there should be no leakage. By using a dipstick ensure that whether you have reached the needed level of oil.


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