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Revolutionizing online Car Trade Experience: Dealer Leads

Revolutionizing online Car Trade Experience: Dealer Leads
online Car Trade Dealer Leads

In this modern age where almost all of the commerce is being done on the internet, it has become more of a necessity than a choice for offline sellers to maintain an online presence in order to stay competitive with the rising competition. Today, this online world has also invaded the car dealership industry and car dealers all over the country are looking for ways to attract online car searchers to their own dealership. In this process, while some have tried to make and maintain their own sites, other more successful ones have chosen Dealer Leads. This article gives you an overview of how things really work at Dealer Leads when it comes to boosting your lead generation. All the major things that are done to ensure the same is given below.

1. We Own Ample of Classifieds Websites

Owning an amazing 350 classifieds sites working on targeting all kinds of leads that are possible, we at Dealer Leads believe that it is always better to get a control over those we target rather than vice versa and hence we operate hundreds of classifieds car websites targeting different types of people to ultimately bring them to you as a potential customer.

2. Popular Research Sites that lead buyers to your site

We have a number of organically ranked Research sites that target both certified new and old cars and their primary purpose other than giving advice to those interested is to ultimately lead them to your site as a lead that you can work on, this method increases the overall traffic on your site which results in better ranking of your sites.

3. Micro-Targeted campaigns to ensure the most relevant traffic

Our Classifieds websites have been built in such a way that they filter the searchers by demographic areas such that all the people searching from locations that are inside your locality and area are directed to your dealership. These sites are combined with geofencing at the level of zip codes just to ensure that all the traffic coming to your site is local and hence the most relevant for you.

4. Tons of backlinks to boost your SEO’s

Our program generates thousands of “Do Follow” backlinks on our research pages and classifieds sites that are directly linked to your dealership websites in order to link the customers to your site directly. The program is designed such that the anchor text is decided by you, moreover, we give you a link building campaign as a complimentary service. This helps you increase the reach, ranking and overall SEO of your website without spending anything extra.

5. Transparent reporting Using Google Analytics

We report our program success report using only trusted third party sources like Google Analytics so that you get an honest view of the results are numerous campaigns and lead generation techniques are having on your website. It is completely up to you to determine whether our designed program is indeed successful for you or not. Moreover, we also provide you with basic training and support that lets you take control of all your vendors.

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