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What is a Certified Pre Owned Car?

What is a Certified Pre Owned Car?

Step 1 : Definition

A certified car carries a certification with itself—certification of its authenticity and relevance that although it’s a used car—its condition is no less than like a new. Inspected, serviced, and corrected—such automobiles are wholly functional and ready for any journey.

Step 2 : Who provides the certifications?

The manufacturer itself tags the certificate after the detailed inspection by the dealer under a program called Certified Pre-Owned Cars or CPO Cars.

Step 3 : How old these CPO Cars are in general?

Generally, CPO cars are used vehicles—not more than 5-7 years old, or they don’t have an estimated run of more than 60,000 to 80,000 miles.

Step 4 : Where are they available?

They are available for sale to almost every authorized dealer near you and me.


Benefits of CPO Cars:

  • Extended warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Gives you the feel of a new car—as all checked, serviced, repaired, and polished.
  • You get offers and good deals on them.
  • They feel fresh and smooth.
  • Come with extra facilities like road-side assistance, servicing, etc.
  • Supervised by the original makers.

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